Online Spanish, English and Chinese courses for over 100,000 students

Universia's language courses, developed by Cognita with teachers, doctors and masters graduated by USP, and approved by the best universities in Brazil and Latin America, are available for more than 100 thousand students in several Latin American countries

Where it was applied

Federal and State Universities in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Puerto Rico




Social Responsibility


More than 100,000 students

Since 2009, Cognita has been researching and developing solutions for distance learning foreign languages. One of the most successful programs was a line of courses developed for UniversiaBanco Santander, which reached more than 100 thousand students in several countries.
The language courses (English, Latin American Spanish and Mandarin) elaborated by Cognita with teachers, doctors and masters graduated by USP, were made available at the Federal Universities of Pará (5,000 students), Rondônia (1,000 students), Alagoas (1,393 students), Pernambuco (649 students), Federal de São Paulo (550 students), Universidade Federal do ABC (400 students), UNESP (3.600 students), USP (50,000 students), Secretaria de Educação do Estado de São Paulo (25,000 students), Universidad Autónoma de México (30,000 students), Universidad Santo Tomas de Chile in partnership with Confúcio Institute, Universities of Lima Peru in partnership with TOEIC Bridge, and Universities of Colombia, among others.


The Chinese course was so well evaluated that it was certified by Confucius Institute of UNESP in Brazil. The Confucius Institute at UNESP is the result of an agreement signed between UNESP and the government of the People's Republic of China, in partnership with Hubei University. The course has also been certified for the Latin American region by the Confucius Institute UST, the result of an agreement between the University of Santo Tomas in Chile and the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.
The Spanish course, for its quality, has been certified by the Instituto España Aquí, an international examination center of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, in Spain.
All the foreign language departments of the universities mentioned carried out previous evaluations of the language courses designed by Cognita before the opening of classes, and they were approved by the best universities in the country and in Latin America. The students made evaluations that, for example, at UNESP, reached 99% positive acceptance.

Satisfaction rates

UNESP students' evaluation of the Spanish course (2011)
1 %
the courses
between great and good
1 %
evaluated the
between great and good
1 %
rated as appropriate
the activities
course proposals
1 %
rated excellent to good
the quality of the videos
1 %
rated excellent to good
the content
exhibited in the course
1 %
rated excellent to good
the application
of the course in everyday life
"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to take the course and say that I hope you will continue it. I would really like to do intermediate and advanced modules. I also really liked the cultural part; I got excited about getting to know several countries and I intend to start with Argentina in the near future. Thank you and see you next time.
Caetano Cardeliquio, Spanish Course Student
"Everything was very well done, 10 points. My suggestion is that you increase the offer of this type of course and, if possible, encourage the exchange of ideas among the participants (in forums, for example). Thank you very much for the opportunity!"
Carolina Navarro, Spanish Course Student
"I loved the course and would like to have the opportunity to participate in other online courses. I did not know this teaching method yet and found it very cool and interesting."
Priscila Casciatori, student of the Spanish Course


Scalable Digital Onboarding

The integration of new employees has always been important: contributing to talent retention, alignment with the vision and values of the organization, and increased productivity.
Today, in a context of market heating and increased turnover, onboarding is considered a priority and strategic, as an indicator of how quickly the company can compose and replace its team in order not to affect the operation; or to gain scale, taking advantage of business opportunities.
Cognita designs, implements and makes Onboarding Programs operational, integrating both the institutional and technical dimensions in a digital, scalable and customized journey, with adaptive sequences that change the path of new employees according to the area of the company they are joining and the role they will play there.
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