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We help organizations that are seeking new ways of looking and learning to adapt and evolve in a world of constant change.
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We help design, develop, implement, and monitor educational projects in multiple contexts

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Digital Onboarding

How Take Blip scaled its Onboarding by 5x, with 92% satisfaction and 330% ROI
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We carry out educational projects in corporate, academic and governmental spheres

Scalable Digital Onboarding

The integration of new employees has always been important: contributing to talent retention, alignment with the vision and values of the organization, and increased productivity.
Today, in a context of market heating and increased turnover, onboarding is considered a priority and strategic, as an indicator of how quickly the company can compose and replace its team in order not to affect the operation; or to gain scale, taking advantage of business opportunities.
Cognita designs, implements and makes Onboarding Programs operational, integrating both the institutional and technical dimensions in a digital, scalable and customized journey, with adaptive sequences that change the path of new employees according to the area of the company they are joining and the role they will play there.
(Case Onboarding Take Blip)