Out of School Can't!

Active search system for out-of-school children allows municipalities to identify, in a simpler and faster way, which children and adolescents are out of school, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Where it was applied

20 municipalities of different sizes, located in vulnerable regions and that have high rates of out-of-school children and adolescents




Social Responsibility

Aiming to offer Brazilian municipalities an innovative approach to actively search for out-of-school children, TIM Institute has joined the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in the Out of School Can't - initiative to combat school exclusion.
The new partnership foresees the development of a technological solution that will allow municipalities to identify in a simpler and faster way who are the children and teenagers out of school using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
The Active Search Platform is a free software developed by Cognita.

Project Goal

The goal is to offer Brazilian municipalities a technological solution for actively searching for out-of-school children and adolescents using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). "One of the main things is to find the child, but the key question that the tool will help answer is why this child is not in school," explained UNICEF's representative in Brazil, Gary Stahl. With this information, municipalities will be able to create effective public policies to combat school exclusion.
The technological solution will enhance the coordination of the most diverse areas of government, since everyone will have access to the same database. The system allows each municipality to monitor its out-of-school children, cross-reference information through filters, identify the greatest demands, classify them by neighborhood or age group, and consult open and solved cases, among other actions. With this kind of quality information, public managers will have more subsidies to monitor and make decisions on how to tackle school exclusion in their municipality.



Scalable Digital Onboarding

The integration of new employees has always been important: contributing to talent retention, alignment with the vision and values of the organization, and increased productivity.
Today, in a context of market heating and increased turnover, onboarding is considered a priority and strategic, as an indicator of how quickly the company can compose and replace its team in order not to affect the operation; or to gain scale, taking advantage of business opportunities.
Cognita designs, implements and makes Onboarding Programs operational, integrating both the institutional and technical dimensions in a digital, scalable and customized journey, with adaptive sequences that change the path of new employees according to the area of the company they are joining and the role they will play there.
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