MHealth facilitates data collection in community health and education actions

The Pastoral da Criança relies on the MHealth application, which works in a simple way and requires basic resources, to expand and optimize the work of field agents in the Community Health Surveillance Program, throughout the country.

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National Network of the Pastoral da Criança




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The application was developed based on the UNICEF RapidSMS framework for collecting data from Pastoral da Criança volunteers all over the country in the community health surveillance program (monitoring of the health council) and (monitoring and evaluation of basic health and education actions in the community), via sms and internet.
RapidSMS was born in the UNICEF Innovation group and is a platform for building applications that rely on data entry via SMS. With the platform it is possible to structure various forms of data collection via agents in the field for the most diverse sectors and integrate with tools that can, in real time, process data with statistical accuracy, cross-reference, detect trends, control resources, and transmit information.
Using a basic feature available on any cell phone, albeit with poor signal quality, field agents are empowered to receive specific information in a matter of seconds, using algorithms to process data from multiple sources and summarize an instruction into a reply SMS, or signal to other systems - even in other organizations.
In a scenario where there is no internet connection and/or cell phone signal, the application enables the field agent to collect data even in areas without the possibility of a cell phone connection. The volunteer will open the program, answer the questionnaires, and the answers will be stored in the cell phone until the mobile device has a connection. When the volunteer arrives in an area with connectivity, he or she can send the form previously stored on the cell phone.
The application can be used on low-cost cell phones, smartphones, desktops, and notebooks.

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