São José dos Campos offers training and environmental awareness courses

Education professionals from the São José dos Campos municipal teaching network are offered elaborate and contextualized courses to complement their training with the environmental dimension, so as to insert conscious education for sustainable development into their field of work.

Where it was applied

São José dos Campos Municipal Secretariat, full-time schools






200 teachers

Developed Activities

Elaboration of an online semi-presential multimedia course for training teachers, TAs, and Supervisors of the municipal education network.

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"This course was really wonderful! The contents were worked out in a way that was easy and enjoyable to study, without marasms! I found the navigation and tools very simple and easy to understand, especially for someone like me who has never taken an online course because I don't know how to use a computer properly.
Maria Aparecida Moreira da Silva Agra, student of the Environment and You Course
"I am really enjoying the course, the information I have been receiving has really changed my way of thinking and acting. My new attitudes are influencing not only my students but all the people who live with me."
Rosani Virgínio Silva, student of the Environment and You Course
"Hi. I am loving taking this course and have already started applying it with my students in the classroom. I am applying the wailing wall activity and the tree of hope and am getting great results."
Miriam Amaral Rocha Gomes de Oliveira, student of Environment and You
"I honestly wish I could have dedicated more time, but I had to divide my time between work, college, and the course. But I learned a lot and was able to apply the concepts in my classes. I thought the visuals were wonderful and so were the supplementary texts. I think it is fundamental that they continue. Congratulations for the explanation of the contents. Hugs."
Maria Aparecida Vicente, student of the Environment and You Course
"I explored as much as I could, I learned a lot from the content and the exchange of experiences with colleagues. As strong points I can mention all the contents from the texts, video suggestions, and others were very rich, what I think needs improvement is the navigation, especially when it comes to publishing the activities I had several difficulties. As for the tutor, he was WONDERFUL! Thank you!"
Iraci Monteiro da Silva, student of the Environment and You Course
"I really liked the content, so much that I went back many times to the proposed subjects. I made an effort to learn a lot and put into practice the material they provided, but the practical part for the students is still missing, because I only used a text. Congratulations to the organizers and success in the next courses. The strong points: the forum, murals, content, the integration of colleagues."
Neide de Carvalho Bueno Marques, student of the Environment and You Course

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