Rio adopts ZUP to inspect services and create social infrastructure inventories

ConservaZUP application allows you to register and receive requests for services such as bulb changes, road maintenance, among others

Where it was applied

Rio de Janeiro City Hall (SECONSERVA)




Social Responsibility / Smart City


200 municipal agents from 23 of the city's conservation areas

As a result of the partnership between Instituto Tim and Rio de Janeiro's City Hall, the Municipal Secretariat for Conservation and Public Services (SECONSERVA) implemented the ZUP* - Participative Urban Caretaking project, contributing with the Secretariat to strengthen its capacity to inspect public services and create inventories of municipal assets to support planning actions.
Rio de Janeiro's city government has adopted an app for urban maintenance, ConservaZUP (Android), which will first be used by about 200 agents from the 23 departments of the municipal conservation secretariat. Later, the platform will also be adopted by the Rio Operations Center, which monitors the city 24 hours a day, and by other agencies such as RioLuz, responsible for public lighting, and Comlurb, the municipal urban cleaning company.
*ZUP is free software created by Tim Institute and developed by Cognita


The launch took place on December 1, 2015 at the Rio Operations Center (COR). The event was attended by the Municipal Secretary of Conservation, Marcus Belchior, and the president of TIM Institute, Manoel Horacio. The ZUP installation in Rio de Janeiro was named ConservaZUP and is intended for agents of the Municipal Secretariat of Conservation (SECONSERVA).
"It's a complete management tool. We didn't have something like this."
"In practice, ConservaZUP complements the 1746 app (Android, iOS): the former is for internal use by municipal agents, and the latter is geared toward the carioca population. The idea in the future is to integrate in a single panel the requests forwarded by the two apps."
Rodrigo Kemel, IT manager at the conservation secretariat


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