Blip University, Take.beings learning network

A network of learners to co-create and share knowledge and experiences to continuously enhance the capabilities of each Take.ser to create innovative results, turning Take Blip into a learning organization and Blip University into one of the engines of the organization

Where it was applied

Take Blip Brazil


2019-2022 (30 months)


Corporate University


1,300 Take.beings (employees)

We helped Take Blip build Blip University with:

16 Onboarding Tracks

Integrating the institutional and technical dimensions in a day organized by area and by role, totaling ~100h

10 Evolution and Essentials Tracks

With 35h of co-constructed experiences making up the Take.Seres Evolution Academy

100 Pills for Microlearning

Organized into results-focused narratives (Molecular, strategic and operational pills)

2 Leadership Days

With the participation of 141 Leaders (C-Level, Board, Management and Coordination)

Community engagement

8,563 comments and posts guided improvement decisions throughout the project

A rating of 4.6 / 5

Over 90% rated the experience on our platform as "Liked" or "Loved".

Data from 2019 to 2022 (30 months)

We begin our partnership with Take Blip in 2019, assisting in the design and development of their corporate university, Blip University. Over 30 months, we worked in all layers of the organization, ecosystem (considering customers and partners), organization, teams, leadership and employees; with an integrated governance model, but at the same time distributed in academies and cores, in direct contact with the needs and demands of each of the areas, forming an active network of systematization and sharing of experiences and knowledge.
*ZUP is free software created by Tim Institute and developed by Cognita

Learning Design

The process of building content and experiences was designed as a learning journey, where each author learned:
  • How to elaborate knowledge matrices to define what and how much you need to know in order to perform your role
  • Elaborate storyboards with narratives organized in didactic sequences
  • Plan practical activities and assessments.
A process that promoted reflection on their own practice, and a dialogue of alignment of visions, methods, techniques and tools with colleagues from their own area or from other areas present in the product or service journey. For this reason, we were able to give life and form to the knowledge born from the teams' own challenges and anchored in the organization's culture.

Educational day

Each active participant was a co-author, enriching the learning experiences with their reflections, feedbacks, and feelings, creating a thread as part of the content, promoting a true reflective dialogue that favored the development of soft skills of critical, reflective, and systematic thinking, while strengthening the feeling of belonging to the organization.
A network that, overcoming the individualistic vision, articulated and enriched itself with a diversity of knowledge from individuals, teams, leaderships, and from the very business ecosystem in which the company is inserted.

The academies

We co-build in 2021, with Take Blip areas, teams and leadership, 3 Academies at Blip University: Onboarding, Evolution e Leadership.
O Onboarding Academy was a major milestone for Take Blip, allowing the organization to scale its Onboarding by 5x, with 92% satisfaction and 330% ROI. See more details in the case study: Digital Onboarding in Take Blip
A Evolution Academy is a network of learning experiences, created to make sense of the fragments of knowledge, points of view, and values present in professionals and areas, aligning them around the design of an organization that learns, evolves, and teaches.
"A network that enables every Take.Being to continually redefine their journey, reinvent themselves, experiment, take on new roles, take on more responsibility, and continually evolve personally and professionally."
A Leadership Academythrough journeys, experiences, resources, and knowledge management processes, is a space for the evolution of leaders and a tool for the promotion of employees.

Microlearning Pills

Currently, there is a big change happening in companies: people have less time available, greater responsibilities and results to achieve, and all of this in highly dynamic contexts that demand to be always up to date. Not to mention the urgent projects or those with tight deadlines that demand quick and effective solutions, or the alignments required by changing corporate strategies.
Microlearning emerges as an alternative for rapid alignment, updating, or reinforcement that consists of small pills of knowledge with objectives aligned to the educational taxonomies and narratives needed in each of the organization's sectors.

The Learning Platform

Blip University was born on an LMS platform custom developed by Cognita, with a focus on the student learning experience.
We designed and implemented a customized navigation so that each new Take.Ser (employee) would find their respective onboarding journey, according to their area and role.
We make several social resources available on the platform (social learning), stimulating the continuous sharing of ideas, experiences and suggestions for improvement. Thus, we conquered a high rate of participation, feedback and engagement from the community of Take.seres, which, together with the data collected(metrics), allowed the evolution of the platform and the proposed experiences, through improvements based on data and without hunches.
In early 2022, Blip University migrated to a new platform, Blip University Degreedplatform, to better address new priorities of the organization. We helped Take Blip in the migration process of all content, and started to collaborate in building and publishing new tracks on the Degreed platform, adapting our work to the best use of the new resources available.
*ZUP is free software created by Tim Institute and developed by Cognita
"The blip university experience is extremely pleasant, beautiful and simple. I really enjoyed the in depth way the subjects are covered, the suggestion of extra content and etc. Simply in love."
"Excellent content. I am finding Blip University amazing, it is very good to learn about the company as a whole and not just the industry or area I will be working in."
"First of all, in general, I found the Blip University initiative very interesting! This contact with company information in a clear and intuitive way provides a greater understanding and clarifies some points that are, in fact, doubts we have when entering the company."
“Gente do céu, tá muito lindo o front desse conteúdo da Blip University! Kudos pra equipe! Babei no box de skills desenvolvidas <3 ”
"The Blip university is a very good one and educative one for aligning individual to the values and standard of the company all through there sojourn at Take Blip. The user interface is good and user friendly. Kudos to the team."
Take.beings feedback on Blip University (2020-2021)


Scalable Digital Onboarding

The integration of new employees has always been important: contributing to talent retention, alignment with the vision and values of the organization, and increased productivity.
Today, in a context of market heating and increased turnover, onboarding is considered a priority and strategic, as an indicator of how quickly the company can compose and replace its team in order not to affect the operation; or to gain scale, taking advantage of business opportunities.
Cognita designs, implements and makes Onboarding Programs operational, integrating both the institutional and technical dimensions in a digital, scalable and customized journey, with adaptive sequences that change the path of new employees according to the area of the company they are joining and the role they will play there.
(Case Onboarding Take Blip)