LDC digitizes its Leadership Academy

We help LDC promote continuous learning and knowledge exchange among its 400+ leaders nationwide through the digitization of the Leadership Development Academy (LDA).

Where it was applied

Louis Dreyfus Company, Brazil


2020-2021 (18 months)


Leadership Academy (Corporate)


400+ Leaders (P1, P2, P2+, P3)

We helped LDC in the Digital Transformation of its Leadership Academy with:

4 Co-creation Workshops

With CEO, C-Level and P2+ Level

Survey Analysis

internal climate and management competencies assessment


development and reference contents for 5 years

Model Design

and didactic flow of the modality transition

Gamified Platform

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) customization and implementation

Definition of the thematic axes

4 thematic axes with 16 tracks versioned as transversal axes for P1, P2 and P2+ and P3

Course Production

Production, publishing and management of versioned courses for P1, P2 and P2+ and P3

Social Learning

Scalability and increased exchange of experiences (inter-regional education)

Participation and engagement

High rate of participation and engagement (4,085 reflections, exchanges and feedbacks)

Social Learning

Scalability and increased exchange of experiences (inter-regional education)

Participation and engagement

High rate of participation and engagement (4,085 reflections, exchanges and feedbacks)

Data from 2020 to 2021 (18 months)


By the end of 2021, LDA(Leadership Development Academy) Digital will make available to LDC leaders 4 courses on the new platform:
  • Process Management
  • Emotional Intelligence and Antifragility
  • Strategic Innovation in the Exponential World
  • Design Thinking
(Courses produced, published and managed by Cognita)
"Excellent course, and the best thing was to instigate us to think outside the box and at the same time pull the team to focus on something real, it was so motivating that apart from the problem presented, we have already defined 2 more that we will attack using the methodology and have already scheduled the agenda to execute all the steps".
"Excellent material, opening up new views that often went unnoticed. It showed that we should organize ideas and information before making decisions."
"Very good course, involves the team in the search for the solution of the problems, adding more ideas, having points of view from different angles and different experiences towards the solution of the same problem, making it easier to find the solution."
"Excellent course, the design thinking tool expands our vision, bringing solution to everyday problems and challenges with team support, increasing engagement and reinforcing the values of human relationships."
"I was very happy to participate in this online course, and also practice with my team, I missed this, because in the course it was all very cool, but interacting directly with them and looking for a solution was very challenging. I believe that, as the very challenge of Design Thinking being in this first class is also. Once again I would like to thank Daniel Luzzi, who has always dedicated himself to this purpose. I also write here the thanks of the team that really enjoyed participating."
Feedbacks from the Design Thinking course (Daniel Luzzi)
"The platform is super interactive, with a user-friendly interface and addressing extremely important issues and exemplifying them with situations that are part of our reality. And I believe that the most important thing is that we can bring what we are learning to our daily lives, enabling us, during the learning process, to visualize improvements for our processes and people."
"Thecontent and methodology of the portal is very good. It will certainly add a lot of value to our daily lives. Thank you for always being innovative and bringing high-level material with great added value."
Feedbacks from the LDA platform (developed by Cognita)



Scalable Digital Onboarding

The integration of new employees has always been important: contributing to talent retention, alignment with the vision and values of the organization, and increased productivity.
Today, in a context of market heating and increased turnover, onboarding is considered a priority and strategic, as an indicator of how quickly the company can compose and replace its team in order not to affect the operation; or to gain scale, taking advantage of business opportunities.
Cognita designs, implements and makes Onboarding Programs operational, integrating both the institutional and technical dimensions in a digital, scalable and customized journey, with adaptive sequences that change the path of new employees according to the area of the company they are joining and the role they will play there.
(Case Onboarding Take Blip)